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There is an experiment I would love to carry out among married couples. It is one that will display the true state of your marriage and tell you what to work on. The experiment is in the form of a question and an action you can carry out, if you truly want to embrace the truth.
Can your spouse stand totally naked before you and you will not be irritated or harbor resentment? This is with the full lights on and not in a partially dark or dark room. When you carry out this experiment and your answer is affirmative, then you have started on the path I call the perfect model. But if your answer is negative, then you have work to do.
 First I will ask you, what is the first thing that came to your mind, when you saw him or her naked before you? What are the issues, problems, unresolved conflicts that came to your mind? What are the names that flashed your mind? At that point what name will you call him or her? The answers to those questions will determine, where to start from, in addressing the issues in your marriage. Many times, these are issues that have not been addressed and have piled up and oftentimes, you are not conscious of the existence of these issues. I would love to show us in a few paragraphs what naked and unashamed means and what the perfect marriage model is.
To be naked and unashamed is the perfect marriage model from the beginning. When Adam and Eve, the first couple to be recorded started their marriage relationship, they were naked and unashamed. To be naked means to be stripped of all articles that can cover, no makeup, no covering of any form. In marriage, what is expected of the man and his wife is nakedness. Naked in all respects and in all forms, which includes emotional, social, financial, spiritual and the list goes on. Your spouse must be aware of everything, no secrets, no surprises, no cover up so, no makeovers – Naked!
There are too many cover ups and make overs in our marriages that are denying us of the fruits of a perfect marriage. To enjoy the fruits of a perfect marriage, you have to be willing to plant the tree of a perfect marriage. Are you naked and unashamed? Are you truly naked in your finances? Are you truly naked to your spouse emotionally? Are there things you are covering up and hiding from him or her? Until we are all naked and unashamed in marriage, we can not be all bonded and cleaved in marriage!
The two shall become one flesh, only when you are naked and unashamed in marriage. There are many couples that are fully dressed in their homes, with the shirt of work, shoe of church and cap of their extended families, and they are still expecting a perfect marriage or union; it will not work like that. For the cause of marriage, you will leave your father, mother, brothers, sisters and other relatives and friends; and cleave to your wife or husband for you two to become one in all respect. Not wearing the same material to church and other occasions, that is not the picture of oneness in marriage. It is in being naked and unashamed. I recommend you get and read my new book, The Marriage Covenant – where the true picture of what marriage is, is explained. I believe it will be a blessing to you.
Remember to cleave, you have to leave and to be naked, you have to undress completely. Naked and unashamed is the perfect marriage model, your marriage can be that model too, it is possible. Thank you for reading, God bless you


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  1. Crucial questions we must all think through to answer as we work towards experiencing heaven on earth in our marriages! Thank you Sister Lara for this timely intervention in the Spirit!

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