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Many men and women are overwhelmed with the fear of losing their marriages. Some have lost so many things that are dear to them and they feel their marriage will follow the same pattern. There are events that have happened and are happening that remind some of us of the failures and disappointments of the past. Some men and women even believe that their spouse will walk out of their lives, the same way that old lover walked away. People daily live with these fears all across the nation and even in the society we live in. Don’t be perturbed about the past, you cannot drive any car successfully by just looking at the rear mirror, you have to look forward because that is where you are going, you are going on a reserve to the back.
Many marriages are suffering because of the fear of losing the marriage. Many spouses are not living up to their roles, they are being too careful to talk, act, respond and have fun in their marriage. Communication in such marriages are not real because of fear and it robs them daily of the joy, peace and success they ought to enjoy in their union.
Start thinking good about your marriage and spouse, tell yourself your spouse is not that lover that walked away. This one is the gift of God for you and he or she is here to stay and going nowhere. Speak to the thoughts that have kept you in the bondage of fear and embrace the permanence that is In every gift that comes from God.
I want to encourage you, don’t let your spouse pay for the disappointments, hurts and pains caused by someone else. Remember it is not your spouse that did those things, so why should he or she be the one to pay the price. Your joy and peace comes where perfect love reigns in your heart. Perfect life vet casts out all fears, doubts and suspicions. Decide to be clear from fear today and embrace the gift of that wonderful spouse God has given you.
Be assured, your marriage will not be lost and your spouse will not leave you. Believe it, confess it and act it out each day and I see you have a long lasting and fruitful marriage.


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