Adultery and fornication has become a common act in the 21st century. Words like made out, cheated on him or her, had a fling, moment of losing it and so on, has been used to replace the weight of the word adultery. Adultery in simple terms means when a married man or woman, breaks his or her marital vow by having sexual relations with another man or woman. Adultery is however common among men than women, for severally reasons.


In the African society, excuses have been made for men and it is often excused away by people. But I am here to tell of the great and grievous consequences of adultery across board. That is, as it relates to males and females alike. Every time there is a sexual relation between a man and a woman, there is a joining of the three parts of the human make up, thAt is the body, soul and spirit. Sexual relations is the only activity that connect humans that are involved in that powerful way. And the question is that, something that has such a POWERFUL effect, how come it is been toyed with and taken for granted, like we do in this generation? The answer is not far fetched, it is because it is the only sin that is committed against your own soul and can be used by the devil to destroy your life fast and silently at that.


You may think I am talking about sexually transmitted diseases in the destruction described in the preceding paragraph, it is deeper than that. For men or women that get involved in adultery or fornication, you are getting your body consumed gradually and getting rid of the honor that is allocated your life. Yes it is as serious as that. By being engaged in this act, you are reducing yourself to crumbs of bread, which is of no honor or relevance. Many strong men and women have fallen as prey and have lost their honor and dignity to adultery no fornication. It is not too late to turn and make a u-turn from they way that leads only to death, to the path of life.


I have not come to condemn you and judge you, but for you to see with me that adultery and fornication is a sin against your soul and it is a sure path to death and damnation. Embrace a change of life today and drink water from your own cistern, embrace the wife and husband of your youth, don’t lust after another man’s wife or another woman’s husband. Be contented with the gift that God has given you and preserve your life in honor and dignity. Be ware of Delilah, they are created to lure you with their beauty and seduce you with their flattering lips. Do not be deceive, do not be lured, do not destroy your own soul, do not be a man or woman that lacks understanding.


I believe your future is great and your marriage is one that God wants to build and use as a model. The devil is out to steal your testimony, kill your dream and destroy your life. Do not allow him to have you as part of his statistics. I believe in you and GOD loves you. Till I come your way again get married! Stay married! And God bless you.


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