Oftentimes, people (families) simply co-exist like neighbours in the same neighbourhood or as flatmates that happen to live in the same flat. Many families are divided along many lines and are simply tolerating one another, rather than living in peace and enjoying prosperity. United we stand, divided we fall is a common quote that we all know and are used to quoting. It is a universal quote and it applies across board, to every issue and every person. A divided family will fall without notice; a united family will stand without external support or influence. Let us look at 7 ways to avoid the fall of your family and embrace the unity you so much desire secretly: 

 Keys To Keeping Your Family United

 1.    Value Each Other:

Every human being loves to be appreciated and valued as an individual and not collectively. Place premium value on each member of your family. Do not spite them, because you know the day they were born and you know their weaknesses. Celebrate their strengths, believe in them. It is crucial and important to stay united at the home front.

2.    Do Not Compare Them With Others:

Please, do not place your family on a comparison scale with other families. Do not use your family friends, cousins, relations and neighbours as a bench mark in determining how good or bad your family members are. Each family is unique in every right and are composed of unique individuals with unique strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in life. It will be a major dividing force, when you start to compare apples with oranges and you expect the apple to be juicy like the orange. It will give you a false picture of expectation and will not unite your family.

3.    Do Not Seek Alternatives:

The Bane of many homes or families is that they seek alternatives to their family members – consciously or unconsciously. You cannot think you have another option and be dogged about your present reality. The family you have right now, when you see them as the only option available to you, you will stick to them and make it work. When you have other option or options to your family in your colleagues, friends, club members, church members, etc., they will gradually become the alternative to your family and you will lose that strength of making it work. The key to sticking to your family and making it work is therefore to avoid every alternative.

4.    Create Time To Be Together Actively:

Many families spend passive time together, which does not create fun memories. Active time with your family is not the time you just happen to be around the house and you just sit to watch TV and eat for 10-15 minutes. Active time with your family is the time where there is no distraction; you are all together talking and listening to each other. These times can take place during properly planned vacations, long trips to places, eating out at restaurants, going out to parks and other creative ways of giving your conscious and active time to your family. This will help you build trust, respect and understanding in your family. It will keep your family together as a unit.

5.    Do Not Concentrate On Their Weaknesses:

Don’t over flog the weaknesses of the members of your family. Celebrate their strength and help them with their weaknesses. Be ready to help them in their down moments and not leave them to it. This is a critical way you can earn love, respect and commitment from them. Let them know you also have your weaknesses and you can work together to help one another become better.

6.    Seek To Understand Them More:

Understanding is crucial in any team-work of any kind. The family is the greatest team on earth and it requires a lot of understanding to make it work. To stay united in a team, each member must understand and seek to understand more, the other members of the team. Understanding here, I mean resolute understanding. Not giving any chance to misunderstanding of any form, but seeking to understand each other, all the time. This is the bedrock of unity in marriage, family and in any team.

7.    Desire The Best In Them At All Times:

No one wants to be seen as irrelevant and unproductive. In the dross and dirt of the gold rock, is that precious valuable gold that can be used to produce great works. In every individual, there is the capacity to do untold great things; but they must be worked on for them to come out shining. Seek the good of members of your family, desire the best to come out of them at all times. DO not pamper them to irrelevance and being a liability; but work with them to bring out the very best of their abilities and assets. Every member of your family is a gold rock that needs to be worked on. See them as such and you will see the huge responsibility you have got and the huge prosperity that awaits you

Remember to put these 7 keys in your hand to work as you deal with your family daily and you will see that they are the best to stick with and not to leave.


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