Health oftentimes is said to be wealth. The wealth of our lives are truly embedded in our relationships. The healthier our relationships, the wealthier we truly are in life. Our emotions are the principal guide of our relationships. Our relationships feed one emotion. The healthier our emotion, the healthier our relationships.
Emotional stability is central to a stable life and a stable life is one that is profitable and rewarding. Many men and women’s think they are super human and they can do and handle so much on their own and are not affected by anything whatsoever. This myth has Ben proven to fail these superhuman a, time and time again. They have realized that the relationships in their life can make or mar their Day as it were.


There are emotionally ups and downs and it comes with the innate nature of man,  be he/she a pastor, professor, painter or prophet. These emotional ups and down are what causes ill health or strengths in the human emotional body. This emotional body is fed by the feed backs it gets from the externals and internals. The externals been the relationships the body is surrounded with and internals which are the knowledge and understanding transmitted into the body or such that this body is fed with.


There are actions and principles that can guide us in our day to day relationship with our emotional body. Some of the keys discovered are:


1. Learn to forgive with no regrets at all times

It is very difficult to do for so many people. But it is fundamental to staying emotionally healthy. Many people are emotionally sick today and this has translated to physical sickness for many, because of this all important key. We must learn to make it habitual to stay healthy in all realms. You cannot abhor bitterness and stay healthy.

2. Spend your day doing at least one thing for yourself

The emotion of all humans love rewards. We must learn to reward ourselves daily, this is fundamental to your emotional health. It will make you live your life in live for others, without regrets. Love your neighbour as yourself, which means you must love yourself.

3. Leave your past behind

No one makes progress looking back. No one achieve great success focusing on the past achievement. It will only give you the sense of emptiness and pressure. To stay healthy, reach out for the future with your focus on it. The hope for a greater and better tomorrow is key to staying healthy.

4. Learn to achieve success even in small things

We all love to the feeling of victory and success. We often feel disappointed when we set large targets and we are unable to accomplish it. To stay emotionally health, set small realizable goals for yourself and achieve them with victory in your heart. It will lift your spirit and make you healthy, when you keep at it.


5. Define the rules of engagement of your life

To stay emotionally healthy, set limits and boundaries for yourself. You cannot please everyone and you can not achieve everything. You are not the most beautiful or the richest. There are people you will discover are better and more outstanding than you are. You have to learn to be content within the frame of your life. This is important in your journey to emotional health.


6. Learn not to bury hurts

Do not bury hurts and disappointments in your heart, trying to prove a point. No superhuman anywhere. Learn to cry, talk and share how your feel. Most importantly learn to allow yourself to heal through God’s love. It is okay to cry and lean on someone when you are hurt, you are not the only one going through and it is not a sign of weakness. This is a sure way of being emotionally healthy.


7. Renew your mind daily

It is pivotal to feed your mind. In feeding your mind, you are sending the right message to your emotion. Feed your mind with the truth, not the fiction of Hollywood or Nollywood. The truth is the only thing that can set you free to live in emotional health.


8. Create the atmosphere you desire

Emotion thrives in the atmosphere. It is all about the atmosphere. Angry thrives in an angry atmosphere, love thrives in a lovely atmosphere. Learn to create the kind of atmosphere that you want for your emotion. Create a stable emotional atmosphere at all times.


9. Stop procrastination

Procrastination is an unhealthy emotional habit. You must train yourself to do what you have to do, when you have to do it. Keep your words and appointments. Don’t do last minute rush, putting out less than your best. It can ruin your emotional stability.


10. Follow and pursue your dreams

It is vital for you to follow after your dreams. Achieve your greatness and seek to pug your best out. Believe in yourself and others will believe in you. Don’t talk down on yourself and don’t over-blow your trumpet. Allow your fruits to speak for themselves.



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